Free Parking worth $4 at Marina Square

13 March 2024

Get 30% off charging at Trion Building as we Usher in the Year of the Dragon!

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From 14 Mar to 30 Apr 2024, charge your EV while you shop, dine or unwind at Marina Square and redeem a free parking coupon (worth $4) with a minimum charge of 15 kWh per transaction! Level up on your rewards tier with “leaves” earned from each charging session of at least 20 kWh and unlock rewards such as a $10 Seoul Garden voucher which can be redeemed at the Marina Square outlet.

SP EV charging stations are located at Level 1 carpark lots 70, 71, 72, 73, 74 and 75 of Marina Square carpark.

Upon charging completion, a notification will be pushed to you along with the receipt of auto-payment. Simply head to the Customer Service Counter at Level 2 and show this payment receipt to redeem for the carpark coupon. To avoid incurring idles fees, do move your vehicle from the charging lot within 30 minutes after charging is completed.

Head to Marina Square to charge your electric vehicle today!

*Terms and conditions apply.

How to charge your EV with SP EV charger:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the promotion period?

The promotion period starts from 14 Mar 2024 and ends on 30 Apr 2024, on a first-come-first-serve basis, while stocks last.

2. Where do I redeem for the carpark coupon?

Head to the Customer Service Counter at Level 2 and show your EV charging payment screen to redeem a carpark coupon worth $4. A minimum charge of 15 kWh in a single transaction is required. Do note that the redemption timing is between 1000hrs and 2145hrs daily.

3. What happens if my carpark charge is beyond $4?

You will be prompted at the gantry to insert your cash card to pay for the balance car park charge.

4. What is this "leaves" programme?

This is part of a reward loyalty programme on the SP app – called the GreenUP Rewards. As an EV driver, you will earn leaves when you charge your EV for a minimum 20 kWh. Do check out the SP app for updates on the programme.

5. Can I leave my EV in the charging lot after charging is completed?

You are given 30 minutes grace period to move your EV from the charging lot after charging is completed, otherwise idle fees will start to apply. As there are different charging power rating available, you are encouraged to plan your charging session ahead to prevent incurring idle fees.

6. How do I know when the promotion has ended?

Please refer to website or our telegram group ( for updates.

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