Celebrate National Day by going green! Every kWh charged in August will contribute towards the OneMillionTrees movement!

27 July 2023

EV Charging at your Condo made possible with SP Mobility

What promotion is SP Mobility doing for National Day?

SP Mobility is celebrating National Day by purchasing MyGreenCredits™ to offset all carbon emissions created by the electricity used by drivers of our public electric vehicle (EV) charging network from 1 - 31 August 2023. MyGreenCredits are bundled to support the National Parks Board's (NParks) OneMillionTrees movement. The movement aims to restore nature back into our city through the planting of a million more trees across Singapore over the next 10 years.

This is a particularly meaningful way for SP Mobility to celebrate our nation's birthday, by going green!

Why is SP Mobility doing this?

Empowering green mobility has always been SP Mobility's mission. However, beyond just setting up EV charging stations islandwide, SP Mobility believes that more can, and should be, done. This is supported by the recent reports of climate records around the world regarding rising temperatures, increasing ocean heat, and accelerated melting of the Antarctic Sea ice. These alarming trends should be heeded and translated into action to lessen the transport sector's impact on the environment.

How has SP Mobility contributed to going green?

Since 2018, SP Mobility has been empowering green mobility by building an extensive and reliable public EV charging network. This has been in support of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, where 60,000 charging points will be set up island-wide and only sales of “cleaner energy vehicles” are allowed. This is aligned to Singapore's goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

What are MyGreenCredits?

MyGreenCredits allows you to green your monthly electricity consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. Your contribution signals a demand for green energy, and this encourages more supply of renewable energy both locally and overseas.

What is the OneMillionTrees movement?

The OneMillionTrees movement is an initiative to plant a million more trees across Singapore by 2030 through Garden City Fund, which is NParks' registered charity and Institution of a Public Character, and its “Plant-A-Tree Programme”. This is part of efforts to transform Singapore into a “City in Nature”, which is a key pillar under the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

How can I contribute?

By driving an EV, you are already doing your part for Singapore through the elimination of tailpipe emissions! However, the electricity consumed by EVs is yet to be 100% green.

Now, you can contribute to saving Planet Earth!

All you have to do is to continue charging with SP Mobility. The more you charge, the more MyGreenCredits we will purchase for the electricity consumed on our public EV charging network in August. This in turn contributes to planting trees through the OneMillionTrees movement. Hence, the more you charge, more trees will be planted in Singapore.

Let us celebrate this National Day by doing more environmentally for Singapore. Charge “green energy” with SP Mobility, contribute to the OneMillionTrees movement and save our environment!

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