GreenUP Rewards Programme

10 January 2024

GreenUP Rewards Programme

Our GreenUP Rewards on the SP app just got UPdated!

We have partnered Advocado to give you the best deals when you go green! Complete sustainability challenges on the SP app to earn leaves and redeem for rewards at your favourite F&B and retail stores.

In addition to the sustainability challenges, as an EV driver, you will earn 1 leaf for every 20 kWh when you charge your EV. This rewards EV drivers for your effort in going green and embracing sustainability. The more you charge, the more leaves you earn, which will add to your leaf tier rewards.

How it works

Complete our various GreenUP Challenges to earn leaves and rewards. Let us do our part and work towards a greener Singapore!

Leaf Tier Rewards Programme

Start your green journey and cultivate sustainable habits by participating in our challenges. Each challenge awards you with leaves that helps you unlock plant levels with enticing rewards.

Check out our SP app for more information:

In addition to GreenUP Rewards, a call-out to all EV drivers to stay updated on our website as we will be introducing additional rewards and discounts to you on the EV mini-app too! Stay tuned for more updates coming in February 2024!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GreenUP?

GreenUP is a gamification and rewards platform which is found in the SP app to learn and adopt sustainable habits. When you complete our GreenUP Challenges, you earn “leaves”, which grow your GreenUP “plant”.

2. What is my Leaf Tier?

Your Leaf Tier reflects the rewards that you can earn with us on GreenUP. There are 4 tiers; you must participate in our GreenUP Challenges to earn leaves and continually level up. The 4 tiers are:

  • Level 0: Seed
  • Level 1: Seedling
  • Level 2: Sprout
  • Level 3: Plant

Participate in GreenUP Challenges to earn leaves. Your Leaf Tier status is refreshed every 3 months.

3. How do I earn leaves?

When you complete our GreenUP Challenges, you earn leaves, which grow your GreenUP “plant”. You will unlock a plant level with the leaves you can earn in a 3-month cycle. At each tier level, you will be rewarded with vouchers for use.

4. What do the leaves represent?

Leaves are awarded after you have completed any one of our GreenUP Challenges or for every 20 kWh - 1 leaf is awarded - when you charge your EV. The number of leaves you earn will contribute to your Leaf Tier status. The higher your Leaf Tier, you will be rewarded with more vouchers to claim and use.

5. Why are my leaves not reflected after I have completed a challenge?

Please drop us a note by clicking this "Contact Us" form link and allow up to 3 business days for your leaves to be credited.

6. Can I cash out my leaves?

As leaves have no monetary value, you cannot cash out your leaves.

7. Do my leaves expire?

Your leaves do not expire.

8. Can I transfer my leaves to another account?

Leaves are not transferable and are consolidated under the utilities account holder.

9. How do I maintain my current GreenUP Leaf Tier?

Do GreenUP Challenges daily or charge more with us. That way, you can maintain your current Leaf Tier status by getting past the safe zone every cycle. Earn a safe number of leaves to keep your status in the next cycle.

10. How do I progress to the next Leaf Tier?

When you complete our GreenUP Challenges, you will earn leaves to progress to the next tier. Your Leaf Tier status will be automatically upgraded, and you will get to keep your Leaf Tier status till the next 3-month cycle.

11. How often will my Leaf Tier status be updated?

We will review and update your Leaf Tier status every 3 months. Do come back regularly to do GreenUP Challenges to earn leaves to maintain your Leaf Tier status or progress to the next one.

12. What is the New GreenUP Rewards Programme which started on 4 December 2023?

Starting 4 December 2023, we have a new GreenUP Rewards programme, where you will be rewarded with vouchers according to your Leaf Tiers.

The 4 Leaf Tiers for our GreenUP Rewards programme remain the same. Each Leaf Tier will reward you with several vouchers within a validity period. The higher your Leaf Tier is, the more vouchers you can claim and use.

13. How do I receive my GreenUP Rewards?

Participate in GreenUP Challenges daily, earn leaves and be rewarded. Level up your GreenUP tier and unlock more rewards. Rewards earned for the current month will be automatically awarded to you by the first week of the following month.

Check your rewards on the GreenUP > Rewards tab.

14. I see so many Rewards vouchers for claim and use. How many vouchers are there for each Leaf Tier?

If you are an existing GreenUP user, you would be familiar with our GreenUP Challenges. The more challenges you complete, the more you earn leaves, giving you a Leaf Tier status. You will see several vouchers to claim and use with every Leaf Tier status.

The more leaves you earn, the more it will help you to level up the next Leaf Tier, unlocking more vouchers to claim and use.

An example (a guide):

Leaf Tier vs # of vouchers/ deals available

Seed - Up to 3
Seedling - Up to 8
Sprout - Up to 15
Plant - Up to 20

15. How do I use the GreenUP Rewards vouchers?

Inform the merchant's staff that you would like to use the vouchers before paying the merchant. The merchant's staff may prompt you to enter your mobile number and redemption PIN for your Advocado account for them to retrieve your details.

16. Is there an expiry date for the GreenUP Rewards voucher?

Yes, each claimed voucher will indicate its expiry date. It is automatically set at 90 days upon claim.

17. I have claimed my GreenUP Rewards vouchers within my Leaf Tier. How and where to use them?

Please refer to each voucher for the redemption details. Each voucher indicates the locations where the voucher may be used. It may only be available for use at some locations. Please check the redemption details before making your way down to use it.

18. Are there Terms and Conditions for each voucher?

Yes, you can find the Terms and Conditions set by the participating merchants on the voucher page.

19. Why are there vouchers which I can view but cannot claim?

If you refer to the bottom section of the GreenUP Rewards, you'll see <LEVEL UP FOR MORE REWARDS>. This section shows the retailers and the vouchers made available by them for claim and use if you level up your Leaf Tier status to the next tier. So, do continue to do the GreenUP Challenges daily and gain more Leaves to level up.

20. I have claimed the vouchers made available to me within my Leaf Tier last month. Why am I still seeing the same vouchers this month again?

The vouchers are refreshed on a monthly basis. If your Leaf Tier status remains the same as last month, you will see the same set of vouchers available. You may claim them again and use them during the validity period. However, you cannot combine and use the same vouchers in a single transaction.

If you have levelled up your Leaf Tier, congrats! Since you've unlocked the next level, you will see the same vouchers available and new ones, too. Just claim and use them within the 90-day validity period.

21. My GreenUP Rewards vouchers have expired, and I have yet to use them. Can I get them back and use them?

Unfortunately, all our GreenUP Rewards vouchers are set with a 90-day usage validity period and the validity cannot be extended. For the next Leaf Tier cycle, you can get the same vouchers if you have maintained your Leaf Tier status and if the merchant is running the same promotion at the time.

22. Who is Advocado, whom I see in the GreenUP Rewards on the SP app?

Advocado is a Singapore company with expertise in delivering innovative loyalty platform solutions. We work with them to provide rewards for our GreenUP users.

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