Idle Fees

23 November 2023

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We understand the frustration EV drivers feel when their vehicles need a charge, only to discover that the nearest EV charging lots are occupied by EVs that have completed their charging sessions.

From 1 Dec 2023, we will be implementing idle fees at 8 public charging locations to deter hogging and reduce waiting times. We hope this will encourage considerate charging etiquette, improve charger availability and enhance the charging experience for all EV drivers.

How it works is that once your charging session ends, Push Notifications will be sent via the SP app. Please move your EV from the charging lot within the grace period of 30mins. Beyond the 30mins grace period, idle fees at $0.50/minute will apply between 0700 - 2230hrs every day, except at petrol stations where idle fees will apply all day.

Please see our FAQs below for more details on idle fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are idle fees?

Idle fees are fees that will apply after a charging session has ended and the vehicle is still plugged in after the end of the grace period, which is 30-minutes.

2. What time will idle fees apply?

Idle fees will apply between 7:00 AM and 10:30 PM daily, except at petrol stations where idle fees will apply all day.

3. Are idle fees imposed on all SP EV chargers?

No. Idle fees are only applicable at 8 selected locations currently. Please see below for the list of locations:

  1. Autobacs Ubi
  2. Caltex Changi
  3. Duo Tower
  4. I12 Katong
  5. IMM
  6. Marina Square
  7. Northpoint City
  8. SPC Bukit Batok

In addition to these 8 locations, idle fees will be implemented for selected locations in private condominiums. The respective condominiums have been informed.

4. Why are idle fees only applicable for these locations? What about other locations on the SP network?

Idle fees are implemented at popular locations where we see a need to reduce waiting times and improve availability of the chargers. As EV adoption increases in Singapore, we may roll out idle fees to more locations based on utilisation data and feedback from drivers.

5. What is the idle fee rate?

The idle fee rate is charged at $0.50 per minute, up to a maximum cap of $20 per session. The idle fee starts after a 30-minute grace period once the charging session ends.

6. Is there a grace period before the idle fee is imposed?

Yes, there is a 30-minute grace period which starts once your charging session is completed.

7. When is a charging session complete?

The charging process is completed when the charging has stopped, and the vehicle no longer draws power from the charger. Your vehicle may or may not be 100% charged at that point in time. Please do look out for the notifications pushed out by the SP app informing you that your charging session is complete.

8. How will I be billed for the idle fee?

The idle fee will be billed through the same payment method used for EV charging payment. Corporate fleet drivers may be required to set up a credit card in the SP app for the payment of idle fees. A sample screen shot of the transaction screen is set out below:

9. Is there a maximum cap on the idle fee charged?

Yes, there is a maximum cap of $20 per session. We recommend moving your vehicle once your charging session ends to allow for other vehicles to use the chargers and avoid idle fees.

10. How do I know when I've incurred an idle fee?

Users will receive the following push notifications:

  1. 1st notification when the charging session is complete;
  2. 2nd notification at the 15-minute interval; and
  3. 3rd notification at the end of the grace period when idle fees have started.

Do remember to enable push notifications for the SP app to ensure you are notified.

To enable push notifications, you will have to go to the settings on your phone and look for the SP app. Thereafter, you should select the allow or show notifications radio button. A sample screen shot of how this may look on your phone is set out below:

Please note that different phone makes and models may have varying settings and the above screen shots are set out simply for reference only.

11. What if I do not have push notifications activated?

Idle fees will still be applicable. Please do remember to turn on your push notifications for the SP app.

12. Do idle fees apply if there are other EV charging lots still available?

Yes, idle fees are specific to each charging lot.

13. Do idle fees apply while the vehicle is actively charging?

No, an idle fee is only applicable after the charging session is completed. Once the vehicle's charging session is completed, there will be a 30-minute grace period before idle fees start.

14. I started charging at 10:29 PM and I plugged out at 7:00 AM the next day. Will I have to pay any idle fees?

No, idle fees will not be applicable in this case except at petrol stations where idle fees apply all day.

15. The clock on my phone is 5 minutes slower than your system's clock. Do I get an additional 5-minute grace period?

No, idle fees are centrally managed by our system and we are unable to accommodate specific instances of timing mismatch on users' phones.

16. I plugged out 30 seconds after the grace period ended. Am I still charged idle fees?

Yes, 1 minute of idle fee will be applicable. Please note that our smallest unit of idle fee charging is on a per-minute basis.

17. What should I do if I face any problems with idle fees?

You can contact our customer support hotline at 6916 7799 during our operating hours for any questions or inquiries. Our hotline operating hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 11pm, and weekends, 9am to 1pm, except for public holidays. Alternatively, you can email us at

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