UPsized Leaves Reward for EV Charging!

21 March 2024

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Charging on our EV charging network earns you leaves on our GreenUP Rewards on the SP app. Accumulate up to 800 leaves to qualify for the Plant tier which is the highest tier and redeem for exciting rewards! And, it is now easier to upgrade your tier rewards with upsized leaves reward for EV drivers.

From 23 Mar 2024, each charging session with a minimum of 20 kWh will earn you 20 leaves instead of 1 leaf in the past. Accumulate leaves to level up and unlock more rewards at your favourite F&B and retail stores, such as Coconut Queen, Yum Cha and Seoul Garden, just to name a few popular ones. Start charging now!

*A minimum 20 kWh per charging session applies.

Leaf Tier Rewards Programme

Each challenge awards you with leaves that helps you level up to the next tier and unlock more exciting rewards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GreenUP?

GreenUP is a gamification and rewards platform which is found in the SP app to learn and adopt sustainable habits. When you complete our GreenUP Challenges, you earn “leaves”, which grow your GreenUP “plant”.

2. What is my Leaf Tier?

Your Leaf Tier reflects the rewards that you can earn with us on GreenUP. There are 4 tiers; you must participate in our GreenUP Challenges to earn leaves and continually level up. The 4 tiers are:

  • Level 0: Seed
  • Level 1: Seedling
  • Level 2: Sprout
  • Level 3: Plant

Participate in GreenUP Challenges to earn leaves. Your Leaf Tier status is refreshed every 3 months.

3. How do I earn leaves when I charge my EV with SP?

When you complete our GreenUP Challenges, you earn leaves, which grow your GreenUP “plant”. Charging your EV with a minimum of 20 kWh each session earns you 20 leaves. The more you charge with SP, the more leaves you earn to level up to the next tier. With each tier you level up, you will unlock more rewards for use.

4. What do the leaves represent?

Leaves are awarded after you have completed any one of our GreenUP Challenges or for every session of 20 kWh charged, 20 leaves are awarded. The number of leaves you earn will contribute to your Leaf Tier status. As you level up, you will be rewarded with more vouchers to claim and use.

5. Is there a limit to the number of leaves I can earn from charging my EV?

Each EV charging session of a minimum 20 kWh entitles you to earn 20 leaves. The leaves are capped at 20 per session of minimum 20 kWh. There is no limit to the number of times you can charge your EV.

6. Can I cash out my leaves?

As leaves have no monetary value, you cannot cash out your leaves.

7. Do my leaves expire?

Your leaves do not expire. However, your Leaf Tier status is refreshed every 3 months. Participate in GreenUP Challenges to earn more leaves to level up to the next tier.

8. Can I transfer my leaves to another account?

Leaves are not transferable and are consolidated under the utilities account holder.

9. How do I use the GreenUP Rewards vouchers?

Inform the merchant's staff that you would like to use the vouchers before paying the merchant. The merchant's staff may prompt you to enter your mobile number and redemption PIN for your Advocado account for them to retrieve your details.

For other questions on GreenUP programme, you may visit GreenUP Rewards Programme.

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