EV Charging

EV Charging

How do I start charging my EV?

Once your car is safely parked at a designated EV charging lot, please check that your phone has an active data connection and the SP Utilities app on your phone is the latest version. Follow these steps to start your charging session:

1. On the app, navigate to the EV charging page. You can do so by tapping on Explore, and then the EV icon.

2. Connect the charging arm to your EV and then scan the QR code found on the charging station. Check that your EV's charging socket and the charging arm is free from obstructions before inserting the cable fully and properly into your EV. ln the unlikely scenario that the QR scanning does not work, you may also start charging by manually entering the charging station serial number located on the charging station.

3. Select your preferred payment method. Add your credit card information or select a card that has been added to the app.

4. Press start charging on your app. Your charging session should start within 15 to 20 seconds for AC charging and within 30 to 45 seconds for DC charging.

5. End the charging session via "Slide to Stop Charging" on the app, and then remove the charging arm from your EV. Check your EV's instruction manual on how you can safely remove the charging arm.

6. Receive your bill automatically. Your selected payment method will be automatically charged. You will also receive an onscreen receipt with a detailed breakdown of the session.

During charging, remember to lock your EV to ensure that the charging arm remains secure throughout the session.

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