EV Charging

EV Charging

What can I do if my EV charging session does not start?

There may be several reasons why a charging session does not start. Follow these steps to rectify the most common issues:

1. Mobile connection and app related. Check that your phone has an active data connection and the SP Utilities app on your phone is the latest version. To refresh your mobile connection, you can try to restart your phone.

2. Charging cable's physical connection issues.The charging cable may not have been properly and fully inserted into the EV. Before attempting to start a new charging session, please unplug the charging cable and check that there are no obstructions that may cause a faulty connection before plugging the charging cable back in. Alternatively, you may try another charging station.

3. Charging station issues. If the charging station screen displays that it is out of order, please try another charging station. You can also report a faulty charging station here.

4. QR code issues and serial number issues. Please check that you scanned the right QR code and that it has not been tampered with. If the QR code is not working, you may attempt to manually enter the serial number. You can also report a faulty or damaged QR code here.

5. You have not settled your outstanding payments. Your EV account may be suspended due to an outstanding payment from a previous charging session. You can contact us at 6916 7799 during our operational hours. Our operational hours [excluding public holidays] are Monday to Fridays,9am to 11pm, and weekends, 9am to 1pm.

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